How to create a new Apple ID on

Before we go begin, what exactly is an Apple ID? An Apple ID is personal account for everything related to Apple product and services. It is an account which you can never share with anyone. Even with your family member.

A single Apple ID can be used to log into various Apple services, such as iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime. It also required for Apple users to download various application that available in App Store such as games, music and application.


Here's how you can create a new ID.


1.  Go to .

2.  Find "Create Apple ID" at the bottom of the page.




3.  Fill all the required information.

4.  Click "Continue" when done.




5.  Check the "Registered E-mail" for the verification code.

6.  Enter the code in the designated space.



*Verification code in "Registered E-mail"





7.  Click "Agree" to Terms & Condition to proceed.




8.  Choose your language.

9.  Click "Start Using iCloud".



10.  Now you're ready.